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Digital Fuel Innovations are passionate about both technology and sport. Working with our worldwide product development partners we aim to bring great digital sports products to the Australian and Asain marketplace. We strategise, plan, design, build and maintain new innovative products that continually stay ahead of the gambling technology curve.

With the selected content aligned with creative development we then support the integration to deliver a customer centric product. At Digital Fuel Innovations we aim to work as closely with the product to ensure its performance is regularly monitored and to assess how it is performing to drive new revenue for your business.

From here we offer advice on operational and risk management to maximise the effectiveness and steer a change of course as required. To further strengthen the product, we provide a range of solutions on trading & managed services and pooled betting alternatives.

It is easy to forget that all products have a life cycle and those in the betting sector are no different. Mindful that it is a 24/7 operation makes it harder to recognise when change is needed. Through working with Digital Fuel Innovations our independent set of eyes and ears are welcomed to ensure the products are pro-actively managed and opportunities do not get missed.
- Toby Oddy, Digital Fuel Group CEO

Managing Your Products

Digital Fuel Innovations assists betting companies to manage their products and services in a number of innovative ways:

We offer the opportunity to bring new ideas and concepts at a lower cost to assess existing products through conducting simple trials and changes that measure attitudes and behaviour of existing customers.
Products can be managed by those who are too closely attached and do not get the opportunity to grasp the bigger picture. We offer to host an open, vibrant and pragmatic session(s) to re-approach and demonstrate how alternative thought processes can benefit the performance of the whole product portfolio.
Through experience and our global network, we are well positioned to source, negotiate, develop and trial new products aimed at either growing existing customer activity or acquiring new players.
The importance of how products are perceived by customers and the strength how they perform during events and tournaments lies at the roots of a successful brand. We offer an Inside-Out range of campaigns geared towards maximising the exposure and range of betting opportunities.


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